Monday, July 11, 2016

DIY: 'Vintage Look' Terracotta Pots

Hey friends, hope your weekend was lovely. The rest of mine was very relaxing, I had an awesome birthday this year. I've been procrastinating getting some herbs planted and decided this weekend I would pick up some plain ole, regular terracotta pots to put them in. A couple years ago I wanted to test out an Annie Sloan chalk paint color and painted a small terracotta pot. It made it look somewhat weathered. And not too long ago, if you remember, I did a post on an herb box. The pots I had planted those in was, sort of, the inspiration for what I did to the terracotta pots I bought this weekend. 
I paid about $2.50 for each pot at Hobby Lobby. They were reg. $4.99. They are very frail and fragile but I just love this old, vintage, weathered look. Another reason I got motivated enough to make my own vintage inspired terracotta plants is from an email I had received from Magnolia Market. They sell an "aged terracotta pot" for about $4. I love me some Magnolia Market to get some good ideas. I didn't really want so much terracotta color showing so I used three different ASCP colors to still get the old, vintage look. However, if I did want my pots to look more like the pots I bought from HL, I would have hit the pots with sand paper in a few areas. I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in French Linen, Pure White, and Chateau Grey to get my vintage look. 

On the small terracotta pot and one of the larger pots I dry brushed one coat of French Linen. I dry brushed Pure White randomly and quickly used a cloth with my finger, dipped it in water, and blended in. I also used a cloth with my finger and washed on the Chateau Grey throughout. I put two coats of the Chateau Grey in a couple areas as well. 

With the second large terracotta pot I dry brushed Pure White all over first and then randomly dry brushed the French linen in random places, blending in with a cloth using my finger and water to help blend well. I finished by using a cloth and my finger with a Chateau Grey wash. 

Yes I know that my poor little crawling mint and lavender look very sad. As I said earlier I've been procrastinating getting them planted. My Christmas cactus looks terrible too because I left it out in the sun too long last week. I replanted that today in a larger pot than it was in and feed it, so hopefully it pulls through on me. I still need to put on a coat of some type of clear coat so that these pots will hold up in the actual weather. That should also slightly darken the paint a little. Which, I hope will bring out the green a tad more. This whole project took very little time and was super easy. Terracotta pots are a good thing to practice the "white wash" technique or just to mix multiple colors on. Hope you enjoy your 'vintage look' terracotta pot project, let me know how it goes. Come back soon!

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