Thursday, July 14, 2016

Body Salt Scrub

It's not just during the winter season, I have discovered, that my skin gets dry and/or itchy. Now that we are pool people and we have a pool in the backyard, I am in the water a lot. And although we converted the pool to salt water, which feels awesome on the skin, between sunscreen and the sun my skin is so dry. Almost like I am trying to shed a layer of skin, like a snake. It's not just one specific area, it's all over. Mostly my arms, mainly my arms. This is why I am thinking it's the sunscreen too. It almost feels like it could be sunscreen residue. So gross to think about, if that was the case. While we were at the store the other day I told Mike I needed some coarse salt, and he said we had some. He asked what for and I told him I wanted to make a body scrub because I needed to exfoliate my skin. He replied that I should just use pool salt. Yes, salt for the pool. Interesting? So I asked him if it was safe to use for the skin, he assured me it was, if not better because it's cleaner than regular salt. He then went into how salt is made, blah, blah, blah. So, he has me convinced to use it for this little experiment. It totally works and is amazing. This scrub was the exact type of exfoliation I needed. It was very easy to make and the recipe can be altered in all kinds of ways. I used what I normally use for a skin moisturizer, coconut oil, but you can use grape seed oil or almond oil and get the same results. Or instead of pool salt, you could use regular coarse salt or why not Himalayan pink salt. Himalayan pink salt would be  more expensive however, I imagine it's good for the skin. And instead of tea tree essential oil and peppermint essential oil, the sky is the limit of the different EO combo's you could make. If your itchin', quite your bitch'n, make this scrub and fall in love! Ha! Your skin will thank me. What essential oils would you put in this scrub?
Directions: Mix all ingredients together in a mason jar container, any shape.  Use after cleansing in shower. Scrub gently on desired areas, rinse. Towel dry. You should not need to apply moisturizer after drying off. 

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