Thursday, June 9, 2016

Peace Always

I had a much needed relaxing day with a girlfriend of mine. It's been a minute since we did breakfast, which today also turned into lunch too. Can I just say it's getting hot outside, and I kind of like it. Summer is here finally, although I don't think officially. 
I want to start by saying how incredibly powerful the power of prayer and having faith in God that he makes the right thing happen. As sad and disappointing that it can be to know that people can be so cruel to others, it's also refreshing and encouraging to know that there are people who exist out there that do care about people. According to a source, the source rather, the meter man in this video will not lose his job. He's apparently been with the company long term and is a good employee. I'm still not condoning his actions and he is supposedly now aware to not resort to doing what he did again. The dog as far as I still know is still very much fine. A satisfactory resolution was made, on both ends, and the case is closed, the end. 
After this situation happened, clearly, it struck a nerve with me. I am the very first to admit that I am not perfect, nor a saint, and I have to remind myself often but at least I am. I think we all need to remind ourselves, more often, to have a little more respect, compassion, and trust in others. There is so much evil in the world, but don't let that ruin it for the rest of us. If you use your better judgement and common sense, although common sense is fading away from today's generation (no offense today's generation), you should be able to see good from evil. Everywhere in this world is lacking 'pay it forward' moments and second chances (over no big deal situations). We need frequent reminders to not let emotions cloud our judgment and also reminders to stop and pray and ask God to take it over. Take some deep breaths, don't forget that we are all brother's and sister's. I think He would rather us be looking out for one another instead of turning against one another. Always think twice before you slander someone on the internet. The world wide web can be such a malign place and is so public. Put yourself in their shoes before you could potentially ruin their livelihoods. 
Back on track next week! Check back with me to see what's happening on Modishly Naturopathic Blog.  Have a fabulous and safe weekend guys!
Peace always,

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