Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Nautical Modern-Traditional Bedroom

How nice has it been to have the sun out today and yesterday? If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen I spent yesterday out by the pool. Which is exactly where i'm headed after I share with ya'll one of my guest bedrooms I have been working on. I'm still not 100% done (I never am), there's a few more things I would like to get for this room. Just so you are aware I have taken up sewing. If you notice the more traditional looking throw pillows on the bed, these were my first of my sewing projects. I still have tons of practice to do to master it, but I didn't get too close with the camera so you can't see any imperfections. The look in this particular bedroom is nautical, modern-traditional. To achieve this look I picked a traditional(ish) fabric for the throw pillows and threw in a traditional blue willow accessory for the nightstand. The bedding and octopus throw pillow, of course, is the nautical look, as are several other elements in the room. I wanted something bold, which is why I was attracted to the fabric for the throw pillows, because it's out of my area of comfort as far as decorating. I'm thinking some bold curtains will top it off nicely once I find the right fabric that will work with everything else in the room. I wasn't quite sure this look could be pulled off but, for me, I am liking where it's going. The most important thing is that my guest are and feel comfortable.  Do you think nautical, modern-traditional mixes well together? 

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