Wednesday, June 8, 2016

German Shepard for President: Human Rights vs. Animal Rights

Something very unusual happened late last night. I engaged in an online discussion in a group i'm in only for the folks that live in my neighborhood on Facebook. Oh good ole Facebook. I'm still somewhat a virgin to the social media platform compared to most people. Last night it really settled with me how we as Americans need to get our priorities straight. First, I should start by saying I like dogs and some other animals. I do not have a dog now but that's because I chose not to get another dog after losing one. When you have a dog for 16 years and she passes that's a really difficult feeling to cope with. And I do not want to experience that kind of loss again anytime soon. Also, not to long ago we bought a Jack Russell for my stepdaughter. I stood firm and refused and did not get attached to the dog. When my stepdaughter made the mature decision to find another home for the dog because she didn't want the responsibility of a dog, I found a great home for her. She is now with a family that I would trust with my own life, who already had a Jack Russell and tons more land than we could have given her. Proof that i'm not so mean or dislike animals. I could have just as easily taken her to the pound. 
Moving on. The discussion last night was over a surveillance video one of my neighbors recorded of a meter reader man who came in his back yard, to obviously read the meter, and his German Shepard approached him. You see the man go straight to the meter and then he sees the dog coming in his direction. The man takes a step back, and this is just my opinion, but softly hits him the snout to get him to back off. In which case the dog does so. He finishes reading the meter and puts a little pep in his step and leaves the backyard. Here is where it gets messy (when it shouldn't) because that's not what all the animal lovers in the neighborhood saw. They saw a man who wasn't scared, hit the non-aggressive dog intentionally in the nose, and who should have went and rang the doorbell when he saw the 'beware of dog' sign on the fence. According the the homeowner his daughter was outside in the driveway, on her way to the backyard to catch up with him. That part i'm still confused over. Should he have rang the doorbell or was your daughter in the driveway? Which is it? I do agree with the fact that he should have went to the door if he saw the sign and there could potentially be a dog back there. And I am totally not condoning what the guy did. However, as I mentioned last night in the discussion, i'm scared shit-less of large dogs, maybe the guy can relate, and it's a good thing i'm not a meter reader because I would probably carry something with me other than my meter reader to protect me against any approaching dog. Another point that I couldn't grasp was they assumed that the man assumed that the dog was non-aggressive. His 'tail was wagging' when he approached the man. Sorry but I wouldn't be able to tell if a dog was non-aggressive or aggressive coming at me in a confined area such as this particular case. All in all the dog is fine, and so was the meter man if you care. But maybe not for long. He just may be out of job. Because neighbors spread that video on social media like it was the Ebola virus in a small plane. The end of the discussion for the homeowner, he said the situation got out of control and the dog was fine, it's not a big deal and that he didn't expect the video to go viral. According to one neighbor the video had already had 20,000 views in an hour, less than maybe. Really, you didn't expect that when you shared your video on something more public than a freaking bathroom? What did you expect, I do wonder? I'll tell you, the man to lose his job. I pray that he doesn't. If I had to guess there's probably some sort of safety training they go through to protect themselves in situations such as this one. Just a guess and I could be wrong, but if i'm correct he was just doing what he was trained to do to get the meter read. No wonder people burglarize and steal from others. Even though they had a job they lost it because they made a mistake that wasn't evenly costly by any means. I sure hope if he loses his job he doesn't have mouths to feed. I bet the homeowner didn't think about that when he was seeking justice over what? Nothing. He said so himself his dog is fine and the situation turned into a bigger deal than was.
This is why we need to get our priorities straight. People have taken it upon themselves to fight for so many rights for animals. Since when is it logically OK that animals have more rights than humans? It's very possible that this will one day be the case if we keep going at the rate we are.  In my eyes dogs are obedient, loyal, canine companions, period. Not human children/adults that should have the same privileges and more.Yes, there should and are animal cruelty rights but damn, you can't even leave your dog in a car with a cracked window to run in and get a coffee these days without someone creating an ordeal. 12-15 years ago this wasn't even a topic of discussion. It never would have been a big deal because we didn't have social media to exploit it and blow it out of proportion. And news anchors had more pressing stories to cover, like our brothers and sisters in combat. Not a dog who got hit in the nose with a meter reader and was unharmed. Here we are though, seeking the attention of potentially millions of people to make a situation out of nothing when we still have brothers and sisters in combat. Or human trafficking right under our noses. Yeah, that doesn't just happen in movies like Taken 1,2, and 3. What about terrorist living in our country with only the intention of being destructive? It's bad enough that we are appallingly changing the rights to use different sex bathrooms. Not to mention that Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are our options to run our country. Funny thought, maybe a German Shepard should run for President. Seriously though, some scary stuff is happening to this country. And you, the people, aren't contributing in a positive, proactive way. 
I'm not one to voice my opinion so loudly but I can, so I will. There becomes a point where you get disappointed when bad choices keep happening on repeat (Obama being elected twice is one example) that you get fed up. To feel like I have to defend our people and our country because so many of us are off track in a daze about what really is important in life, is sad. The pedestal some people put their animals on can be delusional. When do we say, OK it's time to stop inconveniencing society for the sake of how you feel your animal or any animal should be treated? Does a child need to be killed to save a gorilla?  Let's get it together people.You do your thing and let others do their's. If you have a strong passion for animals and a minor incident occurred to your animal, there's no need to instigate the community of animal activists to join forces with you to put a man, trying to earn a living, out of income. After all, we are the humans, the only living beings on this beautiful earth capable of making this world a better place, and we do and will make mistakes. 

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