Tuesday, June 14, 2016

3 Awesome Gray (Ish) Wall Paint Colors

Hello all! Thinking about painting the interior of your house? Well you have come to the right blog today. These 3 paint colors today are the only colors on the walls of my home. Everyone always ask me the names of the colors. All of the colors, or 2 out of 3 colors at least,  you've seen in photos from post on interior decorating on the blog. Technically they aren't all true grays, however, the 2 that aren't have strong undertone colors. The main living, hallways, upstairs bedrooms, game room, laundry, master bedroom and kitchen are all, the very popular, Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. I could not be happier with my selection. I was aiming for a very light and subtle gray and accomplished that with Repose Gray. The Dining room and office are painted in the color Arctic Shadows by Benjamin Moore, although mixed by Sherwin Williams. I was super shocked that I liked and chose this color. It definitely felt risky and is a little more bold than I normally would choose for wall paint. I absolutely love it and still think it's stunning. A very fitting color for a dining room and/or office or study. If your looking for a more masculine feel in a room, this color needs to be on the wall. It seems pair well with greens. Again, I wouldn't normally go for greens but something about the grayish greenish color makes it work. Last, but not least, all the bathrooms are Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay. This also felt slightly risky, not as much as choosing Arctic Shadows, but I was a little nervous. The blueish, greenish, grayish color looks so awesome in the bathrooms. It amazes me how in the master bathroom it looks completely different on the walls than in the hall bathroom. There is also no windows in the hall bathroom, which is why I am assuming it pulls more blue and green, than gray. A totally different situation in the master bathroom though. This room has a decent size window and Oyster Bay comes off more blueish gray. The perfect spa color. It makes the room feel very soothing and relaxing. The upstairs bathroom also has a window, very small, and you get the same soothing/relaxing feel but the color looks more greenish gray. Its all very neat to me how lighting makes such an impact! Now you know the color palette of my home. Hope I could be of service in your paint color selection process. I know how hard it is to get that right color. Never trust paper swatches and be extra careful with even the pint size samples for wall swatches. If you can,  see it in person. I recommend choosing what finish you want first, that way when you put a swatch on the wall you can kind guess what it will look like. I am pretty sure all samples come in satin finish, which doesn't necessarily mean in flat or eggshell it will look the same. Out of all 3 interior paint colors, Repose Gray, Oyster Bay, or Arctic Shadows, which is your favorite? 

Repose Gray - Sherwin Williams

Arctic Shadows - Benjamin Moore

Oyster Bay - Sherwin Williams

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