Tuesday, June 28, 2016

2 Simple Changes to Re-do Your Bedroom

Hello all! I have been missing in action from blogging, my apologies. Mike made it back home from France safe and sound. Finally! 5 weeks is such a long time to be away from the love of your life. Things are settling back in nicely though. I'm currently in the middle of a couple projects and adding more to the list everyday. Thank goodness Mike is home because I need his muscles for a few things. Once he is completely settled I can wrap up a project or two. Seeing as I bought a sewing machine and taught myself to make throw pillows, I have not wasted any time doing so! I have been making throw pillow covers like crazy. The living room couch pillows have new pillow covers, Cristen's room has new throw pillow covers and of course our bedroom have new throw pillows. Today I am sharing with you an easy and inexpensive way to perk up your drabby master bedroom. I never decorated our bedroom at the old house, however I did know what I wanted to do. The same goes for this new house, I know what I want it's just going to take some time to get it exact. My goal is to keep it masculine but chic still. I really like the look of modern, napa/cali ranch. You probably think i'm nuts but I swear that look looks good in my head. I told myself I wasn't going to wait 3 years to decorate our bedroom in this new house. So I took a leap by making 2 simple changes to guide me in the right direction of what I would like our room to look like eventually. Everything I did was so simple and super cheap. All I did was change my lamp shades and add a dramatic amount of homemade throw pillows.  I probably spent $25 on fabric and pillow forms and the lamp shades were $13 at Wal-Mart. Looks so much better and gives the room some much needed life. These 2 minor changes is encouraging and makes me want to spend more time in this room. For now, I am occupied redoing Cristen's room. Which will be coming up on the blog hopefully soon. And I am not so much redoing it, since we moved the room has pretty much just been a blank canvas. It's turning out so cute and fancy and I can't wait to share with you her new room. Hope you enjoy the easy, simple changes I did in the master. Let me know what you think! 
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