Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tria Best Skin Sweepstakes

Hey guys! It almost feels like a Monday because it seems that everyone has the 'back to work blues' today. However, this is the last week of school for Conroe I.S.D, so for many of us that means vacation is upon us. With that being said, its time to get bathing suit ready. By that I mean getting rid of that unwanted hair in completely unnecessary places. If your looking for smoother, more youthful skin for summer you have come to the right place today. I'm working with Tria Beauty to help promote the Tria Best Skin Sweepstakes. There's only 6 more days left to enter the Tria Best Skin Sweepstakes. Enter for your chance to win the Tria Age-Defying Laser Deluxe, valued at $595, right in time for all your fun in the sun plans! You will also have a chance to receive an invitation to become a Fresh Face of Tria! Entering is super easy and only takes a few minutes, if that, in which case your one step closer to having smooth skin for summer. Click here to enter the Tria Best Skin Sweepstakes, or click on the photo under the 'Tria Sweepstakes' tab to the right of this post (PC only, scroll all the way to the bottom on mobile devices). Good Luck and thanks for entering! 

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