Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Summer Country Table Setting Vibe

Hello Friends! Another crazy week. My precious man is getting ready to leave me and head to France for 5 weeks! Such a long time to be away from the love of your life. I'm very sad but yet so excited for this opportunity for him. My goal is to spend those 5 weeks blogging, but that's just a goal, that I will try to accomplish. Today I am sharing with you an easy summer, country chic table setting. I have no intentions on throwing a big gathering anytime soon to enjoy this cute set up, but it certainly was fun putting it together. And I am looking forward to doing post in the future on more table settings. I wanted to do so much more but I figured I would keep it simple, light and fresh. I just recently started collecting the blue willow china. I believe that's what they call it. Blue and white china works to, ha! I love the look of mixing different blue willow patterns. That also makes it very easy to collect. You can practically find a blue willow china set at any home store, estate sale, antique store/flea market etc. Clearly its timeless and classic. What kind of china sets do you collect? Do you enjoy pretty table setting like me?

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