Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Perfect Match

Ok guys, what do you think? I'd say it's darn near the same color as the doors and drawers. I'm still shocked the color match turned out as well as it did. After we picked up this piece of furniture from Rustic Mile we stopped by Michella Marie's Woodlands location on I-45 and had her color match  with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I painted the top coat with AS Pure white. In some areas I did two coats. Most areas took one coat, only because I went over the Pure White with a wash using AS Coco. None of the photos are the final look. I still need to put a coat of clear wax on, which should darken it slightly and will darken the areas that I went over with the sander to expose the wood and get the distressed look (to match the doors/drawers). If you pay close attention, in between the drawers at the bottom I forgot to paint. Ha! However, you probably would not have even noticed had I not pointed it out. So, like I said this isn't the final look but I was anxious to get it up on the blog and show everyone. 
I have lots going on this week. My sweet friend from London is here visiting me this time, we just visited her in March in London, and we have a full schedule. But hopefully that means I will have some fun stuff for you guys to read/see next time you visit Modishly Naturopathic. Until next time!
P.S. I'm thinking I need some over-sized lanterns on either side of the TV table, at least on one side. I'll be keeping my eye out for some!


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