Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Makeshift Bar + 2 Summer Drink Recipes

Even though we have a lovely designated bar, its always fun to put together a makeshift bar. With summer coming up many of us have tons planned. Between weddings, birthdays, and social gatherings, life can get a little crazy. When hosting, making little side bars, especially for specialty drinks/cocktails, is a great way to keep neat and tidy. It also helps to avoid a small space from getting crammed with too many guest at one time, you can set makeshift bars up anywhere. Also, during such a busy season, its easy to run out of time and ideas for any parties/events your hosting. So today i'm sharing 2 Summer cocktail  recipes. I kept it super easy by using most of the same ingredients for both recipes. Are you ready for summer yet? I have the fever for sure. I have some fun and exciting things planned so come back to find out what I am up to and  for more summer ideas and recipes. What are you most excited about for Summer 2016? 
Orange, Orange Blossom & Rose Martini:
2 1/2 oz.  Gin/Vodka
2 oz. Orange, Orange Blossom & Rose Organic Italian Soda
Stir over ice, strain in  martini glass
Orange, Orange Blossom & Rose Tropical Cocktail:
2 oz. Vodka, Gin, or White Rum
3 oz. Orange, Orange Blossom & Rose Organic Italian Soda
Fill with La Croix Coconut Flavored Carbonated Water
Pour into glass with ice
Good luck and enjoy!
I forgot to mention, you may have a hard time re-creating these recipes if you don't live in Texas. I use H.E.B. 's Central Market brand organic Italian soda, Orange, Orange Blossom & Rose flavor (similar here). I'm unsure of any other states H.E.B is in. Cheers! 

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