Thursday, May 26, 2016

Five Ways to Use Essential Oils You Never Think Of

If you love using essential oils, than you will love today's post. I'm sharing five ways you can use essential oils that you never think of. Essential oils are becoming more and more popular these days, and while I have been using them for over a decade, I never get tired of utilizing essential oils. I wanted to get creative and find a way to use my EO's for something other than in a hot aromatherapy bath or with massage oil. So, I  made my own 'trap a crap or poo-pourri' spray. I'm simply calling it toilet spray though. I made a fake label for fun to put on the blue glass spray bottle. That's another thing I never get tired of, the beautiful blue glass bottle. You can find them at H.E.B. or The Health Market. Grab your essential oils and get started, make your own toilet spray or try it in the next load of laundry! What are some different ways you use your essential oils? Do you have a favorite blend you make?

5 Ways to use Essential Oils You Never Think of:

1. Laundry Detergent - We have to use the free and clear of everything, natural detergent due to sensitive skin. If you use it, then you know, it's clear and odorless. I put 4-5 drops of Lavender EO in a cap full of laundry detergent, stir it around and pour it in the washing machine. It's smells great, and is perfect when washing guest linens and towels!

2. Home Decor - I have a vase, that was once full, of dried lavender. It had a fancy scooper in there, it's only purpose was for decoration and looks. At the old house it was on my entry, foyer table. I kind of made my own potpourri piece out of it by dropping about 10-15 drops of Lavender EO in it and mixing it up. When you walk by you can take a sniff and get instant aromatherapy!

3. Kitchen - Lavender (I know, I know, all of my uses have been with Lavender. You can use whatever EO you prefer for 1,2-5. But you will need Lavender in the kitchen.) is great for burns. There's plenty of scientific studies and articles you can research about the healing properties of Lavender. Quite especially for minor burns. I did this along time ago and can totally confirm, but applying Lavender as soon as you get that nasty burn will help with the pain and the healing process. So it's a good idea to keep and extra bottle in the kitchen!

4. Deodorant - This may not be appealing to some people, but I had gotten a rash under my arms from the natural stone crystal deodorant. I had to let it heal so I would put a couple drops of Lavender in a tiny scoop of coconut oil, rub it together in the palm of my hands and rub it under my arms and use that as my deodorant. Yes, again with the Lavender EO. I specifically used lavender in this case for the calming effect and to help the healing of the rash. Can't say it will work for you, but I no longer have a rash!

5. Toilet Spray - Take a 4 oz glass bottle, fill with water from the bottom to right under where the neck of the bottle starts. With a dropper (eye dropper will work), add about 1 1/2 dropper full of grapeseed oil. Drop about 15-20 drops of Bergamot EO, and 5-7 drops of Patchouli EO. Screw on spray top, shake well and go spray 3-4 sprays in your toilet water!

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