Friday, May 13, 2016

Decorating Tip No.1: Keep it Simple

There is one thing I always consider no matter what when it comes to decorating; keep it simple. That's like my golden rule. Keep. It. Simple. Simple, right? So, when your decorating and your stuck or you feel like its too much, it probably is. There is a trick I read about along time ago in an article from an interior designer, she suggested to have a cluster of 3 items. How I interpreted that was, have a cluster of 3 items on a surface your decorating and then have 1, maybe 2 large things next to it. That is if your cluster of 3 are not large already. This probably makes no sense, however hopefully you will be able to tell from the photos. Just remember 3 is the lucky number. I used a small pseudo front entry table as an example. For me, the table being small, I think less is more on smaller pieces. Which makes it easy to keep it simple. And I should probably mention this trick doesn't necessarily pertain to every aspect of decorating. One last piece of my advice, when it's up to you to do the interior decorating it helps to know what you want before you do anything. Otherwise it's hard to visualize and stay focused. I'm no professional but I have learned a lot through experience ;). Share some tips and tricks you know about interior decorating. Do you have a rule or trick you must go by?
3 Ways to Keep It Simple:



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