Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Modern Fence

I know, I know its been over a month since my last post, which was barely considered a post. Moving sucks the life out of you. If you did not know, we just moved. And a lot has been going on at my household since then. All very exciting things. The backyard has been our main focus and priority. That is one thing that we wanted when we moved, a backyard oasis. Or something like that, because we spend tons of time outside. I am kind of going for a tropical, exotic feel. Not necessarily Caribbean tropical or Tahitian exotic though, more like Grecian tropical and Amalfi Coast/French Riviera exotic. Random, I know this, especially because I have not visited either. However, its speaking to me. I found lots of inspirations from all different kinds of resources. So, hopefully I will nail it. Although, I do have a bit of a commitment issue when it comes to decorating and/or designing. I am constantly changing my mind. This brings me back to the interior. I have some fun things I am doing around the house and can't wait to start sharing them with you. The dining room table has been ordered and should be here next week, the fireplace wall is coming out this week, purchased a new chandelier (ordered one online and then changed my mind and bought one at World Market. See, my commitment issue is real.), and the landscapers are chipping, and ripping away back there as i'm blogging. On top of trying to get the house photo ready for Nancy Southerland, with Classy Lassie Photography, to take some professional photos of the house today, we have special friends coming to stay with us from London next week!
 I think that about sums up why I have been missing in action. I'm coming back though, and today I want to share with you this landscaping/privacy fence Mike and I gracefully put up. It literally went so smoothly, we got in sync with each other and got a system down and went to town. We had this fence up in, more or less, 2 hours. The best part, zero arguments, bickering, heated discussions, debate etc. were had during this little project. It was so nice. After the previous fence was demolished and the new one put up, I realized (which I thought I had taken some) I didn't have before photos of the previous fence. Grr! If you can imagine though, they were old vertical fence boards, such as the ones that make up the fence in the background, it was about 4 1/2 feet tall, about 2-3 feet shorter, and falling apart. From the master bedroom window you could still see most of the pump, height and length wise. It was an eye sore. When we looked at the  house to buy, I walked out back and the fence was the first thing I said needed to be replaced. Unfortunately it is serving a purpose, its concealing the pool pump. If your thinking to yourself  'why is the pool pump in the middle of the yard and not on the side of the house?', we thought the same thing and have not a clue. We had to make it work though and we definitely did. I was inspired by some awesome, amazing homes I saw while on morning hikes in Portland, Oregon. I love the look of a modern fence, and I just loved this design of having the different size boards. It not only gives it dimension but I can also use the small spaces between the bigger boards and smaller boards to hang flowers in pots from.  I have a color in mind that I would like to stain it but for now (again because I have design commitment issues) I am going to wait, just in case I decide to use paint instead of stain. How do you like the look of the horizontal boards? Does it have a modern look and feel?  Hope you guys enjoy all our hard work as much as we do. Come back soon to see more of what I have been inspired to do! 

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