Friday, March 11, 2016

My New Love: Neal's Yard Remedies Products

It feels so good to be back home, although my sleep schedule is still slightly off. I allowed myself yesterday to rest and relax, and that is just what I did. I did whatever at my own pace. There are two things I discovered, and are currently obsessed with, while in England. First would be a flat white coffee. Man do they make them good around where we stayed. Its funny too, because I went to London thinking no one drank coffee there and only drank tea. No, that is a false idea. Tons of people drink the crap out of coffee in London. And like I said, they can make a  darn good flat white. I'm definitely already missing having one (or two) of those in the morning. Second, my discovery of Neal's Yard Remedies store. If you love natural, homeopathic/holistic medicines, and naturopathy then you will absolutely love Neal's Yard. Or even if you just love aromatherapy, you will love a Neal's Yard store. I was so excited I discovered this place and came home with a bunch of goodies. The first time I went into Neal's Yard I left with an Organic Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser in their balancing scent and a bar of the English Lavender hand made soap. I wanted the Organic Aromatherapy Room Spray in the balancing scent, but apparently the balancing scent is the most popular and they did not have the room spray in that scent. So, that is how I ended up with the room diffuser. Which is lovely by the way. When we were on our day trip to Cambridge, to my surprise, there was a Neal's Yard there. I popped in to check and see if they had the room spray, and they had one more left. Of course I had to buy it! The first day I was in Neal's Yard I left with a ton of samples (which i'm still sampling) and used one that I was immediately sold on from their skincare line;  the Rehydrating Rose Facial Oil. I thought about it over the following couple of days and decided I had to have the rose facial oil and returned to Neal's Yard back in London and purchased it. If you know me you know that I don't wear a lot of makeup. One, because I am not good at it and two, because I want to get my skin to a really good place before I start exploring makeup. Neal's yard skincare line is all organic, and potent. It seems to quench my skins thirst. All the samples I came home with I am loving and would love to have. The quality of their product is so amazing and the aroma really is balancing and very refreshing. I am very sad there is not a Neal's Yard down the street for my convenience. They also offer acupuncture, massages and reflexology (and more) at Neal's Yard. I so wanted to get a massage but time did not allow. One thing I am happy about is the fact we have friends that live right down the street from a Neal's Yard and come to the States more often than not. Getting some refills on products hopefully wont be a problem. Check out Neal's Yard Remedies online. You won't be disappointed and will leave craving to try, which you should try.  

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