Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Final Day In The U.K.

Dover, England is such a beautiful coastal town. It's also where Dover castle is located, which is amazing to see, along with the Whitecliffs. The town itself is small and nothing fancy, with not a lot to do. When we first got into Dover we went straight to the castle where we found, to our dismay, that it was closed. We were totally bummed because we were so pumped to get to physically go see it. I do understand the hours of operation though. Right now is a very cold time of the year so there aren't to many visitors, especially during the week. They are only open on weekends during the winter months. But just in case we went to the local visitor center, that is also a museum, where we found out that information . The museum was quite neat because they have a boat there that dates back to the Bronze age. Its estimated to be from 1550 BC , which would make it about 4,000 years old. Just to put that into perspective (this bit of info helped me do so), that's older than Moses and Tutankhamun. So crazy and very interesting for sure. It was discovered in the town of Dover in September of 1992. They kept it in the condition it was found without adding to or restoring the boat. However, if you can brave the cold and want to take a beautiful hike, the Whitecliffs are just up the road. We headed up to the cliffs, had a quick lunch, took some photos, and decided to head to Leeds castle. It was neat to see the cliffs and the port where you can ferry to and from France. Which, by the way, you can see France in the distance. Once we got enough photos we quickly got in the car due to Leeds castle closing in the near future, and not to mention it was super windy and way colder on the coast. Unfortunately we were about 10-15 minutes too late to tour Leeds castle. Very disappointing but we also never intended on going today. Obviously had we done our research and known, we would have timed it better. We probably should have done our research on Dover castle as well, then we would have known that it was closed! Never the less, we enjoyed our road trip and learned a lot about the history of Dover/England. Well guys we are headed back to the United States of America today and I cant get to my home and family fast enough. I am desperately needing and wanting my regular sleep schedule back. I hope you enjoyed my diary of England as much as I did experiencing it and I am so glad I got to share it with everyone! I'll be blogging from Texas the next time you visit Modishly Naturopathic blog.

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