Monday, March 7, 2016

A First Class Tour and Sunday Roast

Hello lovelies! Yesterday could not have been more perfect. Still cold but such a pleasant day. We spent some time with our kind host and they showed us around central London. We started at Hyde Park where one of our host ran in a 10k race and came in 2nd out of 250! We made our way to Buckingham Palace, Parliament and such. We had reservations at a restaurant our host had been to a couple times called The Grazing Goat. It was a fantastic brunch. Since it was Sunday they had Sunday roast on the menu, which we learned was a very common and popular thing to do with your family here in the UK. And it was wonderful! As I said in yesterdays post it was Mothers Day here yesterday so on top of tourist, London was a pretty crowded city! Mike and I are headed to Cambridge this morning so I must get going. Cheers guys!

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