Friday, March 25, 2016

Thank God and Happy Easter

Hello everyone! I've been M.I.A. this last week or so. Its the final countdown to moving day and I have been so busy with the projects going on at the new house, and meeting all kind of contractors and what not. I'm  missing me some blogging, that is a fact. I also started consulting for my favorite, NYR Organic. Click on the NYR Organic Consultant gadget to the right, under favorites for more information on that. Otherwise, hang in there, in just a couple of weeks I will be blogging about some fun stuff! See you then. Have a wonderful Easter weekend, and don't forget to stop and thank God for the sacrifices he made for us, all his love he gives us, and the blessings he has blessed you with!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Top Five things to do in Portland

I know this is weird but I picked up photos today from two disposable cameras I used while on both my trips to Portland, Oregon. Who uses a disposable camera anymore right? Well desperate times call for desperate measures. Its been a while since I have used a disposable camera and clearly they don't make them like they used to. Once upon a time disposable cameras produced some pretty darn good photos. Not so much anymore. I visited my best friend last year a couple of times after she moved up there in June. Oregon is so gorgeous and i'm super jealous she is surrounded by such beautiful terrain. I love all the hiking options there. The Pacific Northwest in general is insanely gorgeous and it's probably safe to say its my favorite area of the USA (and Canada). Seeing as the disposable camera pictures didn't turn out as I hoped, I have combined the two trips. And even though they didn't turn out in terms of quality, the pictures brought back some good memories and now i'm really missing the Pacific NW. Here are my top 5 things to do in Portland:

1. Eat at Harlow (SE Portland)

2. Grab a Snack and Coffee at Cheese & Crack (SE Portland)

3. Wine Taste at Penner-Ash Wine Cellars (Newberg,OR)

4. See the Waterfalls (especially Multnomah Falls on the Historic Columbia River Highway)

5. Hike Beacon Rock (Skamania County, WA)

Friday, March 11, 2016

My New Love: Neal's Yard Remedies Products

It feels so good to be back home, although my sleep schedule is still slightly off. I allowed myself yesterday to rest and relax, and that is just what I did. I did whatever at my own pace. There are two things I discovered, and are currently obsessed with, while in England. First would be a flat white coffee. Man do they make them good around where we stayed. Its funny too, because I went to London thinking no one drank coffee there and only drank tea. No, that is a false idea. Tons of people drink the crap out of coffee in London. And like I said, they can make a  darn good flat white. I'm definitely already missing having one (or two) of those in the morning. Second, my discovery of Neal's Yard Remedies store. If you love natural, homeopathic/holistic medicines, and naturopathy then you will absolutely love Neal's Yard. Or even if you just love aromatherapy, you will love a Neal's Yard store. I was so excited I discovered this place and came home with a bunch of goodies. The first time I went into Neal's Yard I left with an Organic Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser in their balancing scent and a bar of the English Lavender hand made soap. I wanted the Organic Aromatherapy Room Spray in the balancing scent, but apparently the balancing scent is the most popular and they did not have the room spray in that scent. So, that is how I ended up with the room diffuser. Which is lovely by the way. When we were on our day trip to Cambridge, to my surprise, there was a Neal's Yard there. I popped in to check and see if they had the room spray, and they had one more left. Of course I had to buy it! The first day I was in Neal's Yard I left with a ton of samples (which i'm still sampling) and used one that I was immediately sold on from their skincare line;  the Rehydrating Rose Facial Oil. I thought about it over the following couple of days and decided I had to have the rose facial oil and returned to Neal's Yard back in London and purchased it. If you know me you know that I don't wear a lot of makeup. One, because I am not good at it and two, because I want to get my skin to a really good place before I start exploring makeup. Neal's yard skincare line is all organic, and potent. It seems to quench my skins thirst. All the samples I came home with I am loving and would love to have. The quality of their product is so amazing and the aroma really is balancing and very refreshing. I am very sad there is not a Neal's Yard down the street for my convenience. They also offer acupuncture, massages and reflexology (and more) at Neal's Yard. I so wanted to get a massage but time did not allow. One thing I am happy about is the fact we have friends that live right down the street from a Neal's Yard and come to the States more often than not. Getting some refills on products hopefully wont be a problem. Check out Neal's Yard Remedies online. You won't be disappointed and will leave craving to try, which you should try.  

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Final Day In The U.K.

Dover, England is such a beautiful coastal town. It's also where Dover castle is located, which is amazing to see, along with the Whitecliffs. The town itself is small and nothing fancy, with not a lot to do. When we first got into Dover we went straight to the castle where we found, to our dismay, that it was closed. We were totally bummed because we were so pumped to get to physically go see it. I do understand the hours of operation though. Right now is a very cold time of the year so there aren't to many visitors, especially during the week. They are only open on weekends during the winter months. But just in case we went to the local visitor center, that is also a museum, where we found out that information . The museum was quite neat because they have a boat there that dates back to the Bronze age. Its estimated to be from 1550 BC , which would make it about 4,000 years old. Just to put that into perspective (this bit of info helped me do so), that's older than Moses and Tutankhamun. So crazy and very interesting for sure. It was discovered in the town of Dover in September of 1992. They kept it in the condition it was found without adding to or restoring the boat. However, if you can brave the cold and want to take a beautiful hike, the Whitecliffs are just up the road. We headed up to the cliffs, had a quick lunch, took some photos, and decided to head to Leeds castle. It was neat to see the cliffs and the port where you can ferry to and from France. Which, by the way, you can see France in the distance. Once we got enough photos we quickly got in the car due to Leeds castle closing in the near future, and not to mention it was super windy and way colder on the coast. Unfortunately we were about 10-15 minutes too late to tour Leeds castle. Very disappointing but we also never intended on going today. Obviously had we done our research and known, we would have timed it better. We probably should have done our research on Dover castle as well, then we would have known that it was closed! Never the less, we enjoyed our road trip and learned a lot about the history of Dover/England. Well guys we are headed back to the United States of America today and I cant get to my home and family fast enough. I am desperately needing and wanting my regular sleep schedule back. I hope you enjoyed my diary of England as much as I did experiencing it and I am so glad I got to share it with everyone! I'll be blogging from Texas the next time you visit Modishly Naturopathic blog.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cambridge Campuses

We drove to Cambridge yesterday and I have to mention how well Mike drove from London to Cambridge and back. I'm so impressed. If you have never been there, I highly recommend the trip. It was mind blowing. The village is so rich with history and absolutely stunning. All the colleges were closed today for visitors but there was plenty to see and do. We got some awesome photos and popped in a few shops. As we were walking around we came to the Kings College Chapel and noticed that the choral evensong service was open to visitors at 5:30 pm. Mike was straight away interested in going, me not so much. As the day flew by I came around to the idea, and I am so glad that we went. It was such a beautiful service and the Chapel, there are no words to describe it's beauty. This place will forever be one of my favorite places I have been so blessed to visit. 
If your visiting London, or perhaps visiting the United  Kingdom in general, Cambridge is totally worth the day trip. Our last day in England is today and hopefully I will finally get to see a castle. So on the agenda today is Dover, England where Dover Castle is, which is said to be the largest (or is it oldest) castle in England I believe. And if time allows, we would like to check out Winston Churchill's house.  We took so many photos that I wasn't able to share all of them. Maybe one day I will do another post over this trip. Thanks for visiting Modishly Naturopathic blog, check back tomorrow and see our adventures from today. Enjoy!