Monday, February 29, 2016

Sweet Indulgences

I have been so excited that Macaron by Patisse has opened in The Woodlands and I finally got to make it in there. Technically twice now. My first attempt was last Friday when I went in and took some photos and had a couple macarons, went home and my photos got deleted...yep shout out to ya babe for accidentally deleting my photos. Last Friday was one of those days where if anything could go wrong did go wrong. I know it was a total accident and he was trying to help, and help my day get better, so I didn't even get upset when they got deleted because I just wasn't surprised anymore that one more thing went wrong! I survived and I went back this morning and indulged again. It has a very glamorous, French, modern, boutique vibe. And the floors, oh my gosh, gorgeous. Can my whole house please be made of that marble?!
I got to try Macaron by Patisse, before they opened in The Woodlands, last August. I ordered a couple dozen for my stepdaughters surprise party. They were a hit at the party and since then I think they are the perfect little treat for parties or even gifts. Each one is about 50 calories, give or take but who's counting right? They are totally worth it! And all of them are gluten free except for birthday cake (one of my favorites) and cookies and cream. You can even customize macarons for special/specific occasions. I bet if you named it Macaron by Patisse could make it. With the Easter holidays coming up you can pre-order Easter themed macarons, such as bunnies, eggs, and chicks I believe. 
Indulge a little and if you haven't been, go in a try a few. My personal favorite is fig & goat cheese and then birthday cake. Located in Hughes Landing, The Woodlands, Texas. Enjoy your macarons, and I will be blogging from London later this week! Check back and see what i'm up to across the pond!

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