Thursday, January 21, 2016


Hey Guys, 

I picked up this chandelier/candelabra at Hobby Lobby for $20. I actually saw it and picked it up, thought about it and put it back. The next morning I woke up and saw a real chandelier in a magazine with some beautiful clear crystals hanging from it and thought I could do that with that thing I saw at Hobby Lobby yesterday.. So I got ready and went and purchased it. Thank goodness it was still there, $20 is a good deal.. I found some of the crystals on Amazon for less than $9 (package of 10 and free shipping with Amazon Prime) and the others at the Art Floozy store  on Etsy for about $15 plus shipping and taxes. 
I haven't had time to paint the chandelabra, as I am calling it, but I plan on doing so.. Also the crystals are not secure on the chandelabra yet. I was so excited that everything I ordered arrived, I wanted to see how it would look. So this is just a mock up of what imagining the end result to look like. My original plan was to hang it above my bathtub, solely for decoration purposes, but because I have been so busy getting our house ready to sale I haven't had much time to be creative at all. Except with my cleaning skills... 
I can't wait to get this moving thing over with and be settled so I can share some fun and creative things with everyone. In the meantime, I challenge you to buy an item (clearance items, such as this chandelabra, are perfect places to look) and fancy it up! 


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