Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekend Wind Down

I am still very sleepy this morning, and it's almost 10. I think I could possibly still be recovering from the long weekend we had. Which was incredibly busy...and fun. We went out of town for a couple nights, and got home Saturday. I am so glad that we did decide to come home Saturday too. Sunday was quite productive for us, considering. Considering where we had been 24 hours prior. All I will say is we were at a casino. With a bunch of friends. We specifically went for an oilfield golf tournament. It was also a work event for Mike. Good times are always had at this golf tournament, that I will mention my sweet mama runs and organizes. 
We arrived very, very early in the morning on Friday. We checked into the hotel about 1:30 ish AM. 

Friday, mid-morning, we headed to the golf course for an all day affair. If you follow me on Instagram and checked out my instastories, you saw the good times we were having. 

Like I said, thank goodness we headed home Saturday because, needless to say, after being on the course all day Friday and in the casino into the early morning of Saturday, there's no way we could have done it again Saturday night. 

When we got home late afternoon Saturday, I noticed all the blooms on the lilies in the backyard, and the lavender, how gorgeous they were. The lavender color is so vibrant right now. Sunday was the most relaxing day for me, especially after the trip we had. I literally rolled out of bed, threw on my bathing suit and went and sun bathed with a book, while Mike re-grouted the pool. We took a break and went to Lowe's and bought some hydrangeas to plant in my "hydrangea garden". 

  I shot this look while we were out of town, so look for this on a new Closet Diaries. As if last week wasn't busy enough, I have another busy week ahead. How was your weekend? Did yours feel long too? Hope to see you back soon, until next time...


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Home: Ideas to Transition Your Home for Spring

Hello loves, Happy Thursday. The weekend is fast approaching.  If we would have done something exhausting over Spring break last week, I don't think by now would have even been enough time to recover. My has this week flown by. Not to mention, it's been a busy little week too. 
I was inspired by Arhaus  to do a blog post about any room in my  home, and how I bring Spring into that room. I already had on the blog schedule to do something around the house in relation to the new season. Originally, I was going to do my dining room table. I still have every intentions on doing that room, but it will be more towards Easter. I haven't found the exact plate setting yet and want to take some more time to find something. So, this lead to me Spring-ifying (I know that's not a word, work with me here, it's early for me and i'm still on my first cup of jo) my master bedroom. I already had two neutral, light tan/beige, lampshades and I had already been wanting to make new throw pillow covers. I found fabric for less than $10 at Hobby Lobby, and picked up some fresh flowers for next weeks Budget Blooms for, right at, $10. And voila, Mike and I have what feels like a new bedroom for the new Spring season. 
Changing little things like throw pillows and lighting are a cheap (especially if you make your own throw pillow covers) and easy solution for the bedroom blues. If you want to spend a little more money, rugs can often times be helpful to replace. Some advice, from experience...don't mention to your husband that concept. They don't need to know that what you buy for the bedroom is seasonal. If you can make a couple dramatic changes for under $20, why should they need to know...right? 
Some more thrifty ideas, use what you already have. For example, I have totes and totes and totes of home decor pieces that I've had since my first apartment 10 years ago. You can even find something you have in your living room. Chalk paint or spray paint it, to make it match. Sometimes bringing in things that are new to that particular room can make a difference, and make a room feel updated or new. 
Fresh flower bouquets are a super easy solution. I personally feel that if your going to keep fresh flowers on your night stand, hardly anything else should be on the nightstand with it. So, clear off your nightstand and add a vase full of Spring blooms. 
When I think of Spring in a bedroom, I think light & bright (that's actually how I feel about, pretty much, every room though) and flowers. I could have gone with lighter colored fabric, and I wanted too, but I needed some boldness to keep a masculine feel. I don't think Mike is down for a super feminine room. I have to keep things gender neutral around here. Plus, the less he complains means the less he notices. Not sure if that's how it works, but whatever makes him team "transition for Spring". 

How have you introduced Spring into your home? Need any ideas or help? Leave a comment and let me know, I'm full of ideas and would love to help. Until next time...

Cheers guys, 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Closet Diaries: Beach Bum

Since we were at the beach last weekend I was inspired to style a couple beachy looks from my closet. During the summer time, and now that we have a pool, I live for outfits like this. Anything that's easy to throw over a bathing suit. I found many times last year, if I was laying out by the pool or swimming, and had to run a quick errand, I would throw on a long skirt and jet because I knew when I got back home I was most likely going to hang out by the pool again. 
I bought this skirt about 4 years ago or so, not thinking it would be perfect for pairing with a swimsuit but for a trip to Seattle we took. Since then I've worn it maybe a handful of times. I love the colors because it's just loud enough but still neutral. 
I'm currently loving the 2 piece boho, beachy looks right now for the upcoming Summer season. I have  a slight obsession right now with a brand called Show Me Your Mumu. But of course i'm too cheap to purchase anything at the moment. I'm more of a 'wait until something goes on sale or clearance' kind of gal. I have a lot of patience when it comes to that. 
For now, what I have in my closet will work. Long flowy skirts with crop tops or a cute one piece bathing suit (perhaps a bodysuit) are my outfit goals for Summer this year. I want to live in that look, and also find a couple 2 piece outfits I can put on rotation in my wardrobe. And when I finally take that beach vacation, i'll take long walks on the beach in these outfits to watch the sun go down. Can ya tell someone is day dreaming over here? 
I can't believe it's already Wednesday. My where has the week gone. Any plans your looking forward to this weekend? I had such a busy day yesterday, and today is filling up as well. We are headed to an oilfield golf tournament/casino this weekend in Louisiana, so there are some must do's before we head out of state. I am  also working on tomorrow's post that i'm excited about because it has to do with my home and decorating. So come back and visit MN tomorrow for a little home inspiration on how to transition your home for Spring. Until then...
Cheers loves,